Encouraging The Family to Exercise and Do Activities Together

Encouraging The Family to Exercise and Do Activities Together


Just 1 in 3 kids are physically active every single day.
Children and teenagers spend more than 7 hours per day on average using TVs, computers, telephones, and other electronic devices for amusement.
About 1 out of 3 kids is obese or overweight in the USA.
Adolescents that are overweight have a 70% likelihood of becoming obese or overweight adults.

Here are 8 ways to get started:

Talk to your kid’s physician. Your child’s physician can help your youngster comprehend why physical activity is important. Your kid’s doctor can also propose action or a sport that is best for your own kid.
Discover a fun task. Help your son or daughter look for a sport that she loves. The more she appreciates the activity, the more likely she will continue it. Get the whole family involved. It’s a terrific method to spend time together.

Choose an activity that’s appropriate.

Plan. Ensure your kid has a handy time and place to exercise.

Provide a safe environment. Ensure that picked site and your child’s gear for the sport or action are safe. Ensure your child’s clothing is comfortable and appropriate.

Supply toys that are lively. Young children particularly need simple use of other energetic toys, jump ropes, and balls.

Be your child’s active hero. Children who often see their parents enjoying sports as well as physical activity tend to be prone to do so themselves.

Switch the TV off. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends each day, no more than 1 to 2 hours of total screen time, including TV, videos, computers, and video games. Use the free time for more physical actions.

Some kids are overscheduled with other planned activities, music lessons, and homework which they do not have time for exercise.

Don’t overdo it. When your child is able to start, remember to inform her to listen to her body. Exercise and physical activity must not hurt. If it happens, your child attempt a less vigorous action or should slow down. As with any task, it is important not to overdo it. In case your child’s weight drops below an average, amount that is acceptable or if exercise begins to interfere with school or other actions, chat with your child’s doctor.


Exercise together with a balanced diet supplies the basis for a healthy, energetic life. That is a lot more significant for children that are fat. Among the most important things parents can do is encourage healthy habits in their children early on in life. It’s not overly late to start out.


  1. When I was young all of us kids would be running around the neighborhood til dark then run home for dinner. Now kids just sit inside on the computer or tv all day. Turn off the TV!!

  2. I try and get all the kids out on the weekends to play something with the neighbors. Last weekend we had a kickball tournament.