Growing Your Own Farm

Growing Your Own Farm


Here are so many benefits to growing your own food that you just might not have to listen to the reasons. But if you’re a beginner gardener and you want that kick to get on your rubber boots and grow some food then this list is mainly for you! If you are a seasoned gardener like you’re losing your enthusiasm then, but you feel this list will be to inspire one to get your hands dirty again.

Even if you have a ‘black thumb’ you’ll find that even with failed harvests (and I’ve grown many) you will still gain indirectly by things like getting clean air and sunlight and being more in tune with Mother Nature.

So heres some of the reasons why you ought to grow your own food:

Increasing Price of Produce: If there’s a drought, severe frost or large-scale weather calamity prices always go up, sometimes suddenly. General business expenses also fluctuate and wind up being represented in the cost of food.
More healthy Produce: Food is usually grown high in artificial fertilizers and pesticides that wind up in the human body. Long term exposure could boost the possibility of disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders. It is possible to control how it is grown and keep those things and produce by growing your own food.

Taste: Since it needs a longer shelf life, it also had to be picked prior to complete ripeness. This alters and reduces the flavor of the food because it’s not harvested at the peak freshness degree. Commercial or large scale growers may also be small with varieties and what kinds they can grow depending on what gets the longest shelf life and what sends the finest. You will discover there is so many choices and varieties in homegrown seeds or plants. You will also find they taste better in flavour. Most of the varieties at the grocery store are vapid because the varieties that taste the finest are poor choices for large-scale transportation.

More Food Independence: Have you ever thought about what would happen in the event you went to the grocery store and there was no food? Everyone would panic and start fighting. During world wars (which who knows when the next one could be) food is definitely rationed out. Even if it’s a little bit more every year, you are creating more food liberty over time for such crises by growing a number of your own food.

Saves A lot of Money: Although you can find first startup costs to horticulture (I call it an investment into your family’s health and wellbeing) and upkeep costs (seeds, soil amendments etc) over time you will spend less in your grocery bills by growing your own food.

Organic Produce It Is Possible To Trust: You could be right depending on what organic farm you’re buying from. The unfortunate fact is though that bigger corporations that support GMO’s and also run farms that are conventional are buying out small scale or large scale organic farms. This creates a shift of power and dearth of conviction if you’re able to now trust he new all-natural practices (which vary depending on certification and business standards). By growing your own food rather than spraying you know you can trust your organic produce.

Organic Produce It Is Possible To Manage: Let us face it, even if you’re able to find an all-natural business you are able to trust, it’ll generally be far more expensive that its conventional counterpart (with respect to the vegetable or fruit variety and also the time of year). You’re still getting much better value than spending that $3 on ONE head of organic lettuce even though you get superb wonderful compost and soil.

GMO Free: So long as you’re purchasing locally grown seeds that use all-natural processes or organic seeds, or just a GMO free seed company, it is possible to safely know that you’re family isn’t eating GMO foods ( at least in the produce you’re growing).

Going Back to Your Own Roots: Our modern lives are full of hustle and bustle; we regularly eat fast and make meals from deep freezer packages or cartons because of dearth of time. When you may spend some time to develop food (only cut out some of your TV watching a week), you slow down. You will become aware that you’re a section of the process along with the appreciation of food comes back. Why would you dash making your meal from something that took you months to mature? By growing food you’re getting for what it absolutely was like decades ago before the grocery stores came a small feel. You may be taken by surprise that by growing a little food you change how you view the world and the manner in which you function within it.

Children: Is there anything better to get a kid’s schooling that experiencing wonder and the magic of growing seeds? Being part of where your food comes from and seeing is something modern-day children are greatly lacking. This disconnects children from their food source (you’d be surprised how many don’t know where food comes from at all) and creates a lack of enthusiasm for them to eat their vegetables. It is time to alter that and get kids and their food to connect again!

It Does Not Get More Local!: The local food movement will be a 50 or 100 mile radius, what about zero miles!? Isn’t that wonderful! No transport costs whatsoever except your hard-working hands and feet.

Who Desires Grass?: Is your backyard packed with grass that you spend your ‘spare time’ mowing and watering? Suppose that you replaced it having a garden that gave you instead of sucking up water and all of your resources just for a green spot to stare at something back?

Reduced Food Waste: Although plenty of produce doesn’t have packaging and many folks will grab a plastic bag for each produce item. By growing your own food you don’t have to worry about plastic waste to keep it fresh. Grocery stores additionally waste A LOT of the produce on the shelves. It doesn’t sell right or is damaged during transport if it gets thrown out, and the amount squandered is high.

Food Safety: Food grown on a large scale may be more affordable for some, but nonetheless, bacteria and contamination speeds also increase. There have now been many recalls on produce in the past couple of decades which have caused a lot of people to get really sick or even die. You know how it was grown and what it came into contact with and you don’t have to worry about recalls, by growing your own produce.


  1. My grandfather had his own garden growing up and I loved it. There is nothing better than picking your own veggies for dinner.

  2. My neighborhood put together a fund and there are a few of us the grow several different fruits and vegetables to share around the neighborhood.