No Kids Getaway

No Kids Getaway


It’s time to consider a grown-up getaway.
We are not downplaying the pleasure of a successful family vacation or proposing illicit escapes, but in order, recharging is with children in school.

There’ll be no planning tasks around a three-year old’s nap program or worrying when the restaurant menu of the resort can have anything to please a finicky teen. Travelers that are already kid-free can delight in having plane, cabins and the security lines back to themselves after the summertime family journey hurry.

Now is an ideal time for adults to take good advantage of sought after destinations, airlines, site tour operators and even high-end resorts frequently run specials to support travel during the shoulder season between summer vacation and also the winter holiday travel rush.

A few of these places welcome guests of all ages — and maybe merit a return visit with the entire family. But in the event that you are a traveler who has grown weary of some of the signs of summer travel, such as screaming endless lines of little ones and kids on airplanes at popular attractions, these destination notions are for you.


  1. I like the idea of checking out a place as parents before you take your kids so you will know where you can and cant take them on a family trip.