Organic Meats versus Conventional Meats

Organic Meats versus Conventional Meats


Because organic meat is generally more costly than non-organic meat, you might be left wondering in case the additional cost is really worth your while. There’s a difference between organic and non-organic meats, as well as for some individuals organic is the best choice.

What’s Organic Meat?

Organic feed given to these creatures is grown in soil that is free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

What exactly is Non-Organic Meat?

Non-organic meat is similar nutritionally to all-natural meat, but might come from animals given antibiotics or hormones. While the nutritional value of the meat does not necessarily impact, some individuals prefer organic meat because antibiotics and hormones from non-organic meat can enter the bodies of individuals who eat it.

Effects of Hormones

A lot of people are concerned about hormones found in the food supply, and for good reason. Hormones can wind up in animal feed when the fats of other creatures are added to non-organic feeds.

Effects of Antibiotics

The clear presence of antibiotics in non-organic meat is, in addition, a potential concern, based on a review printed in 2010. Writers of this review indicate that using antibiotics in food animals could cause resistant bacteria forms that may be dangerous to human well-being, and antibiotics in food might disrupt the healthy bacteria balance in the human gut.

Nutrition Similarities

Organic and non-organic meats are both rich in nutrients that are essential — including protein, iron, zinc, phosphorous and B vitamins. Both types of meat include varying levels of unsaturated and saturated fats, determined by how much fat marbling is in the meat.


    • Where do you think steaks come from? Cows raised in a pin and injected with steroids then hit in the head with a hammer. At least the deer have a chance. Should we call lions murderers because they kill for their food?

  1. This is just disgusting. We should all realize they are living beings just like us. How can you just eat the meat of another living creature?

  2. Its hard to really know what you’re buying these days. Almost safer to provide for yourself if you are able.